Crown & Bridge Bundle


Take your crown and bridge procedure to the next level with our crown and bridge bundle.

First, use the Max Crown Spreader™ to remove an old crown needing replacement in about one minute. At the next appointment, use Tempoff® to quickly and predictably remove your temporary — no need to cut the temporary off or anesthetise the patient. Imagine the time you can save with this bundle!

Trying on your permanent crown and it gets stuck? Install Crown Gripps™ directly on to your TempOff® instrument and you can easily and comfortably remove the stubborn “stuck” crown. Whether you are working on a temporary or permanent crown – this bundle is all you need!

This bundle includes: 1 TempOff®, 1 Max Crown Spreader™, and 1 pack of 60 Crown Gripps™.

ArtCraft Dental, Inc. is dedicated to solving some of dentistry’s most vexing problems through innovative, unique instrument design. We specialize in one-of-a-kind instruments – for dentists, designed by a dentist.

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“TempOff grips so well, and it won’t slip off the crown


-Bob Margeas, Renowned author/lecturer

Universal Design

One instrument handles all temporaries in any location of the mouth

Precision hand crafted

The precision crafted tips allow you to grip the temporary firmly and securely without fear of slippage.

Stainless Steel

Highest quality French 420 grade surgical stainless steel.

Use with Crown Grips

 Put on our Crown Gripps foam sleeves to remove permanent crowns, too!

Extra Length

Extra long handle and stem allows better access to posterior regions

Precision hand crafted

The multi-directional tip allows you to gain access to crowns from any direction.

Stainless Steel

Superior 420 grade surgical stainless steel.

Single Body

There are NO open, glued joints in this instrument. The instrument is finished and polished with a perfectly smooth, continuous surface.

Additional information

Weight .15 kg
Dimensions 16 × 3.4 × 3.4 cm
The tips look sharp… Won’t they damage my temps? No. Provisionals can still be used after removal. TempOff® will only leave a small indentation on the temporary.
Why is TempOff® better than hemostats? TempOff® will not slip off of the temporary like hemostats do.
Why is TempOff® better than rubber tipped instruments?  Rubber tipped instruments must engage the temporary at the margin – near the gum line.  This is the weakest, thinnest part of the temporary and the most sensitive area of the tooth.  With TempOff®, the higher incisal positioning allows for greater efficiency and less force onto the tooth.  Force is transferred to the temporary, not the tooth.


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