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Surgical Extraction Bundle


Take your extractions to the next level with our Surgical Extraction Bundle.

The popular CastroV™ saves time, makes suturing easy, and is the perfect addition to the Xpanders™ set.

The Xpanders™ are the most atraumatic elevators devised to date. Just a small amount of penetration into the PDL space is all that is needed for maximum lateral tooth movement. The more movement you can get with a dental elevator prior to the use of forceps, the less likely root tips will break off.

Whether suturing a graft, flap, or simple extraction socket, the CastroV™ Castroviejo adds precision and ease, thereby reducing the stress of suturing– especially after a difficult extraction.

This bundle includes: Xpanders™ (Includes Set of all four: straight, curved, two posteriors), and 1 CastroV™ needle holder (choice of Straight or Curved beak).

Upgrade your surgical procedures and save $40 with our Xpanders™ and CastroV™ bundle!

ArtCraft Dental, Inc. is dedicated to solving some of dentistry’s most vexing problems through innovative, unique instrument design. We specialize in one-of-a-kind instruments – for dentists, designed by a dentist.

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Atraumatic extractions
using Xpanders™



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Weight .07 kg
Dimensions 15.2 × 2.4 × 2.4 cm
Purchase Options

Posterior + CastroV, Set of 4 + Castro (Curved), Set of 4 + Castro (Straight), Set of 4 + CastroV, Universal + CastroV

Will the Xpander™ tips bend? As with any thin, atraumatic-type instrument, the tips can bend if used improperly.
How should I use the Xpanders™? Engage the sulcus and PDL at any of the 4 corners of the tooth.  Keep the instrument tip upright at a 30 degree angle with the long axis of the tooth.  Push and twist the instrument repeatedly until bucco-lingual movement is achieved.
What should I avoid? Do not bend the Xpanders™ backward, like a shovel.  Do not approach the tooth from a direct sideways 90 degree angle, like you would using a straight, conventional elevator. These angles and motions will bend the tips.
Are there any other suggestions and tips for using Xpanders™? Yes! Alternate between mesio-distal movement with the old-school straight elevator and bucco-lingual movement with Xpanders™.  Alternating, using each instrument for 30 seconds or less, gives superior results.

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  1. NL, DDS

    Good price. The CastroV is a really high quality needle holder.

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