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ArtCraft Dental is dedicated to creating and producing high quality, one of a kind products to help dentists do what they do best – create beautiful smiles.

Provisional Remover

TempOff® is a truly unique instrument that quickly and easily removes temporaries of all types and brands. Unmatched in precision, quality and performance, there is nothing else like it.

TempOff® allows for higher incisal positioning so forces are transmitted to the temporary, not the tooth. More efficient provisional removal with virtually no patient discomfort.

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Featured Instrument:

Socket Expansion

Xpanders™ work like luxating instruments but with more POWER!  The two points engage in the PDL space. With a slight twist, full bucco-lingual socket expansion is achieved.  Full 360 degree socket expansion = no more broken root tips.

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TraXion Forceps

Serrated beaks allow you to lock on with confidence. More grip, ZERO slip! Your extractions will become easier, less stressful, and more predictable. TraXion Forceps are made with Superior French 420 stainless steel.

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From the Dentist:

“In over thirty years of practice I know now that all ArtCraft’s instruments are ESSENTIAL to my practice. As a dentist, I can’t envision practicing without them.  All of these instruments are a “must have” for every dental office.”

Dr David Fyffe, owner ArtCraft Dental, Inc.

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