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Golden Retrievers™


Your new go-to set for broken root tips or badly decayed retained roots! When you use the right tools, You will find that getting out of these situations is faster and easier. With this Gold-N-Retrievers™ set, you save time and remove stress.

The Spear elevator (center) has an ergonomic palm handle design for more power. The smaller R and L root tip picks allow for better access to deep, broken root tips.

Why Gold-N-Retrievers™?

> The serrated edges grip and hold onto the tooth. More grip and less slip.

> Less stressful for you and atraumatic for patient.

> Smaller yet more powerful design with superior metal (French surgical stainless)

Designed to fit perfectly into the slot made with our Flame™ Diamond.

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Options: $85 Spear elevator (pictured in center) or $210 for set of all three (includes Spear elevator + R and L root tip picks).

Or check out our Root Tip Picks™ set.

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Weight .06 kg
Dimensions 13.2 × 2.8 × 2.8 cm
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Set of 3, Spear (middle)

6 reviews for Golden Retrievers™

  1. GG Dental

    All of us dentists who do extractions eventually come across a very, very difficult case and this is the perfect set for that.

  2. Dr. Hannah

    I first tried the Spear but loved so much that I went back and purchased the set for my office.

  3. Markus Luke, DDS

    Great purchase for my dental office. What I like about this design is that these allow for better and easier access to deep, broken root tips.

  4. Sarah Benjamin Family Dentistry

    Super ergonomic handle on this instrument. Really well designed.

  5. Dan Carrier, DDS

    I love the Golden Retriever set for bombed out and broken off teeth and root tips. These things have saved me more often than I can count!

  6. Dr. William Tom, DDS

    Great for broken root tips. Very high quality as well. Perfect for any office.

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