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TraXion™ Forceps


Gone are the days of dull, slippery, overly curved beak Forceps. Typical dental extraction forceps do not grip the tooth properly due to poor beak design.

Meet TraXion™ Forceps – these are an absolute necessity for your modern dental office. Your extractions will be less stressful, and more predictable. 

More gripzero slip!  Universal design, can be used on every tooth. Available in 2 Styles – 150 upper, 151 lower. 

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Tired of your forceps slipping
Traxion forceps best
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Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 16.9 × 3.6 × 3.4 cm
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Lower Only, U/L (Set of 2), Upper Only

8 reviews for TraXion™ Forceps

  1. Matthew Bell, DDS

    I just bought some of your forceps on a whim a few weeks ago. They make life so much easier for me – they are really great!

  2. Wayne Lee, DDS

    High quality instruments. These are amazing forceps. I got both styles upper and lower. I highly recommend for any dentist with old style forceps to upgrade to these.

  3. Pat Wong

    Really grips the tooth. Use these as my regular forceps now.

  4. Family Dentistry

    My old forceps were too curved but these are great.

  5. Dr. Lee Family Dentistry

    All other forceps I’ve had do not grip the tooth properly due to poor beak design. These are great! Well designed and high quality.

  6. Dr. Byron Law

    The serrated beaks are what make these forceps really great to use. ArtCraft Dental always has really great products.

  7. Brian Nguyen, DDS

    These are the only forceps I use now. They really grab and hold – I love them!

  8. John

    Great upgrade to my old forceps.

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