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Xpanders™ are the most atraumatic elevators devised to date.

Just a small amount of penetration into the PDL space is all that is needed for maximum lateral tooth movement. The more movement you can get with a dental elevator prior to the use of forceps, the less likely root tips will break off.

These intra-ligamental elevators are an absolute necessity in any modern dental office.

The double-pronged, diamond grip action allows for a stable two point contact between the crest of bone and the neck of the tooth.  With simple twisting, one point locks onto the bone, while the other point pushes the tooth laterally, causing bucco-lingual socket expansion and superior pre-forceps loosening.  Get the full power of 360 degree socket expansion with Xpanders™.

4 models available – straight, curved, two posteriors

$180.00 for each set of 2 instruments.
Universal set: 1 straight, 1 curved
Posterior set: 1 “in” bend, 1 “out” bend

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Atraumatic extractions
using Xpanders™



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Weight .07 kg
Dimensions 15.2 × 2.4 × 2.4 cm
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Posterior Set, Set of 4, Universal Set

Will the Xpanders™ tips bend? As with any thin, atraumatic-type instrument, the tips can bend if used improperly.
How should I use the Xpanders™? Engage the sulcus and PDL at any of the 4 corners of the tooth.  Keep the instrument tip upright at a 30 degree angle with the long axis of the tooth.  Push and twist the instrument repeatedly until bucco-lingual movement is achieved.
What should I avoid? Do not bend the Xpanders™ backward, like a shovel.  Do not approach the tooth from a direct sideways 90 degree angle, like you would using a straight, conventional elevator. These angles and motions will bend the tips.
Are there any other suggestions and tips for using Xpanders? Yes! Alternate between mesio-distal movement with the old-school straight elevator and bucco-lingual movement with Xpanders.  Alternating, using each instrument for 30 seconds or less, gives superior results.

11 reviews for Xpanders™

  1. TS, DDS

    A great investment for your practice. Makes extractions a lot easier.

  2. dkim

    I have been using the Xpanders for a few years and they are awesome. They make extraction of broken-down teeth easy. They easily lift the roots out socket better than any other instruments. They are must have instruments if you do a lot of extractions. I highly highly recommended them.

  3. Dr. Lee

    used to hate extractions but this actually works really well

  4. Dan Carrier, DDS

    I am really impressed with how powerful this little instrument is. These Xpanders really get the teeth moving.

  5. Dr. Kare S., DDS, Los Angeles

    Root tips didn’t break off at all and easy to use.

  6. Anonymous

    These things work GREAT!

  7. Dr. Steve S., DDS

    The double-pronged element really does it for me. It really allows for a stable two point contact between the crest of bone and the neck of the tooth.

  8. Dr. Jane S.

    I just don’t get very many little broken root tips anymore.

  9. Dr. Carrie S., Dallas

    This instrument just makes my extractions faster and more predictable

  10. Nicole, DDS Chicago

    I have had a chance to use your Xpanders for about a month, and I have found them to be a remarkable aid in extracting teeth. I have practiced dentistry for over 40 years with my practice limited to the placement of implants by referral. The ability to predictably remove teeth (fractured, root canal treated, ankylosed etc.) and still allow for the immediate placement of an implant is a real plus to me and my patients. You know full well how many “gadgets” come across our desks in the course of a year, and a lot of them end up in a box somewhere. Congratulations on designing an instrument that is a “go to” instrument for extractions.

  11. Craig Cooper, DDS, FAAID, Prosthodontist, Author, Lecturer, Indianapolis, IN

    I am confident that all dentists who do extractions will find the Xpander a valuable addition to their practices. Doctors who place implants into extraction sites will immediately see how much of the socket is preserved while the tooth is easily extracted to make immediate implant placement likely in all areas of the mouth.

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