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Crown Gripps™


Precision Foam Crown grips – 60 per pack

These crown grippers are designed to use with both TempOff® and TraXion™ Forceps. The disposable pads allow easy retrieval of uncemented ceramic restorations without damage to the porcelain. Gives simple access to hard to reach posterior areas. Retrieving the restorations with Crown Gripps™ will not smudge or remove your articulating marks.



Crown Gripps 1
Crown Gripps 2

Additional information

Weight .001 kg
Dimensions 13 × 9.5 × 2 cm

What are they used for? How do I remove my stuck permanent crowns?

Use Crown Gripps™ only on stuck, non-cemented crowns.  Engage the crown all the way down to the gum line and squeeze very lightly to lock on mechanically under the crest of contour.  Gently rock the instrument back and forth to free up the crown.

How do I install the green Crown Gripps™?

Simply push one sleeve onto each beak.  Push the end slowly until you first feel the metal beak, then stop. The gripps should now be perfectly aligned with the beak tips.

Can the gripps be sterilized?

No. They are disposable. Each order comes with 60 grips.

4 reviews for Crown Gripps™

  1. Dr. Denson

    These grips hold super tight. Fit pretty universal.

  2. Dr. Smith, DDS

    Super Easy retrieval of uncemented ceramic restorations. No damage to the porcelain. Great Invention. Love that a dentist designs this.

  3. Dr. Thomson

    Works really well for TraXion™ Forceps. Thanks Dr. Fyffe for your designs.

  4. Dr. Chen, DDS

    Perfect fit on TempOff.

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