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Seamfree non-stick agent


 Composite Wetting Agent and Lubricant

Make your composite material completely non-stick allowing easier manipulation and shaping.

> Eliminates pull back caused by instrument sticking to material

> When used with our CompPlus™ composite instruments, it can shape filings EXACTLY like you want prior to curing

> Better placements, less grinding and polishing, quicker results.

Seamfree does not change the size or shape of the physical properties of the final restoration.


  • (1) 3mL bottle
  • (1) Single-cavity well
  • (25) applicators



2 reviews for Seamfree non-stick agent

  1. Dr. John Kanca

    If you haven’t used Seamfree yet, use it TOMORROW. This stuff is great and will take your polishing and shaping time down significantly. You drop a little bit of Seamfree on your composite and you can shape however you want without dragging.

  2. Dr. Michael Miyasaki

    My personal favorite wetting resin is Visa Apex’s Seamfree for the simple reason that it adds no thickness to your restoration or seams that you can see in the final restoration.

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