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Max Crown Spreader™


Crown Remover

Permanent crown can be removed in about a minute with the MAX Crown Spreader. The powerful tines of the instrument are made to precisely match the grooves made with a 331 pear shaped bur. The multi-directional tips allow approach from any angle or any direction.


-Precise fit of curved side gives you more leverage

-Flat side fits into the occlusal

-Seat tines – twist – OFF!!

-Superior French 420 Stainless



1 Minute
Crown Removal

Extra Length

Extra long handle and stem allows better access to posterior regions

Precision hand crafted

The multi-directional tip allows you to gain access to crowns from any direction.

Surgical Stainless Steel

Superior 420 surgical grade stainless steel.

Single Body Construction

There are NO open, glued joints in this instrument. The instrument is finished and polished with a perfectly smooth, continuous surface.

Additional information

Weight .09 kg
Dimensions 17 × 2.4 × 2.4 cm

4 reviews for Max Crown Spreader™

  1. Dr. Nguyen, DDS

    The multi-directional tips are key for this design. Permanent crown removed in about a minute – this works so well!

  2. John Allamy

    Amazing instrument. ArtCraft seriously has innovative instruments for dentists.

  3. Dr. Chen, DDS

    Super fast, powerful invention. Thanks, Dr. Fyffe!!

  4. Dr. Johns, DDS

    This works. Permanent crown can be removed in less than a minute! Seriously amazing invention!

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